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Appliance Insurance
Doctor's Instruction Kit

Red Orthodontic Labs offers appliance insurance in case something should happen to your appliance.

Ever have this happen to your patients?

My dog ate my appliance!

I threw it out by mistake!

It was stepped on!

I sat on it!

I lost it!

1. Insurance rates per year:

Any type of : Call
for rates...
Night Guards (TMJ)
Band work

2. It's simple - you are providing a service your patients want. Some of our doctors are already providing insurance for all appliances.

3. We will have a separate account for your insurance, starting with the number 1000. Example: If your account number is 257, your insurance number will be 1257.

4. The patients pay you

5. The insurance will, for one year, cover any and all repairs picked up and delivered to your office, and /or the replacement of the original appliance. You may reinsure the new appliance again.

6. You decide if you need an extra charge to cover your time for replacements.

After on year upon the doctor's inspection: The appliance can be reinsured at original insurance fee. Again, We will keep the record. It's simple. Be a provider of a service Your patients are asking for.